Alice Hage

By day I play as a business savvy Marketing Relationship Strategist, by night as an International Socialite and round the clock as a Social Entrepreneur.

Life is a series of moments to the unknown; these moments are all that we have. Some pass forgotten, others forever change us, I strive to live these unforgettable moments that will shape me to the person I want to become.

I attempt to live life to it's fullest potential! I truly believe that happiness is a journey and not just a destination. Each morning gives us one more chance to pray, one more chance to help someone and one more chance to make this a better world. I enjoy laughing and making others laugh along because life can be too serious at times.

I absolutely LOVE to travel, my passion for travel stems from my passion & intrigue for culture. My philosophy is that culture is to life what spices is to food; without culture life would just be a bland existence.