Alice Howard-Vyse

Strategic Design Consultant in Sydney, Australia

Alice Howard-Vyse

Strategic Design Consultant in Sydney, Australia

I work at the people-end of technology to design products, services and organisations that make human-sense.

I'm fascinated by behaviour and the interplay between design, technology and culture. In my element bringing teams of passionate people together to solve problems that matter. Prone to working with pioneers, visionaries and future-builders.

I bring a wealth of experience (UK & Aus), shaping a vision, plotting a course and driving projects of all sizes: from innovative digital services and physical products to large-scale regional development for government.

I'm passionate about using my skills to design a better world, on- and offline.


I listen: I immerse myself in the environment. I have an armoury of user-research and usability testing techniques, I'll pick the right one for the job.

I connect: ideas to markets, organisations to audiences, teams to their bigger picture. In all my interactions — with clients, stakeholders, designers and engineers — I advocate for what users want, need, and expect.

I deliver: I don't believe in wordy reports that gather dust, I generate big-picture ideas through with sketches, wireframes, design-sprints, workshop facilitation and prototypes.

I believe in just enough research to make decisions and keep a project rolling.

I'm quick-thinking with a knack for making the complex clear for clients, designers and technologists alike.

I play nice with designers and engineers (fluent in tech, design & human).

I believe in having fun while we work.

On a personal level, I thrive on big picture thinking, collaboration with people who like to push boundaries, laughter, mindfulness, greenery and the art of conversation. I also ride a long-board and am very partial to cake...

  • Work
    • Strategic Design Consultant
  • Education
    • Post-grad Cert Sustainability
    • 1st Class Hons English & Publishing
    • MA Electronic Media
    • Centre for Sustainability Leadership (2013 Fellow)