Alice 天の子

My name is Alice ! ありすでーす!

I am Indonesian, nothing special.

I am an otaku, and also a gamer.
If you see my tags, I am a shotacon and also a lolicon. Yes, although I am still 14, I love loli and shota. But I'm not hentai.

I play many kinds of games, online and offline. RPG and rhythm mostly.
Games that I currently play : osu! (Childofthesky) and Dragon Nest (redalice11 / ClaireRion/Arissette)

I also like to draw, but my drawing isn't good enough, and I'm too lazy to draw frequently. I like to edit pictures, (anime pics) with photoshop. If you want an avatar for twitter / osu page, or maybe a signature for your user page, I'm ready to make it for you! :)

I also like things that have connections to music, such as listening, making music, and singing (although I'm not good).

I have written too much, but the most important thing is I'm a bit antisocial. That's why you won't see me anywhere in forums / general channels.

Thanks for reading !

Twitter : @AliceArlette
SkypeID : ClairevRion
DeviantART : Childofthesky11
osu! profile page : Childofthesky