Alice Juju B.

Alice Juju B.

Hey guys and ghouls.

Makeup is my passion. I love everything fake. Hair and make-up isn't a necessity, just a way of life. Natural beauty is alright but beauty in art is simply extraordinary. I'm no professional, I just love to experiment.

Music of course can't be left behind. I've been playing guitar for 4 years now, but still have a lot to work on and polish. My first guitar was given to me when I was 13 by a cousin of mine who was murdered by her boyfriend. It's been something that has had an effect on me but I thank her for all she's done for me. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be who I am or had ever picked up a guitar. <3 I also just recently purchased a cute white uke which I still have to work on too XD haha

Modeling. Hmm. Well I don't really consider myself amazingly beautiful like some models I look up to but its something I've just recently started doing for fun. I just like creating unique images that can portray a feeling. Modeling for art mostly not for other reasons. I like that I can be another person somehow depending on what sort of makeup I do. Its all in me transforming myself and trying out all sorts of crazy things.

Art has always been a big thing for me as well. I'm hoping to gain people's attention to controversial subjects and generate talk. I do very alternative things, mostly with pen & ink or acrylics. Please contact me if you would like for me to do something for you. I've done pieces all my life and it's something I will continue to do. Again if you're interested in donating for one of my pieces we can talk. :)

Other little random things about myself: I'm into things such as meditation, astral projection, and mother nature. I have love for all animals and have a cat named Eva who's 6 years old and a puppy of 2 months named shadow. *he's a cute little black lab* :) I want a pet tarantula but that'll have to wait. haha Aside from those two loves, I'm fortunate to have unconditional love from a man named Esteban and a best friend named Kaylee. :D *random* I love unicorns, hello kitty, ice cream, tattoos and piercings. I love alternative, heavy metal, minimal rap, no country d: sorry. Oh and I love you xD

Overall. I just want to meet new people and gain new experiences. Let me be your friend or your partner in crime. :D <3