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Alice MacKenzie

KNPV in Nederland

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I started out in KNPV (Koninklijke Nederlandse Politiehond Vereniging - Royal Dutch Police dog Association) when I was 17 and stubbornly decided I wanted a Malinois pup. My life got turned up as I got one from an unknown breeder only to find out 7 months later that the pup I had gotten was from KNPV Working lines. This pup, Max, ruined my life at first and at some point I had to lock him in the garage and call the police to please come get him, which they did not do! Instead they came with the Dutch k9 PD trainer and he sent me towards my very first KNPV club, and training session. I went from being in pure hell, to heaven! My Max suddenly had purpose and a goal to work for and after learning how to handle and work with dogs like him I have never owned anything else but working line Malinois, also known as X Malinois and working line Dutch Shepherds, also known as X Dutch Shepherds. A lifestyle was born. Since I am now retired from training KNPV dogs due to personal reasons I focus on the breeds used in this training, in the Netherlands, and worldwide. I try to educate and inform people of the dogs they own, or are planning to own in the future because when it comes to the (X) Malinois and (X) Dutch Shepherds it is true when they say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure...