Alice Pettey

Designer in Midlothian, Virginia

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I love with design.

I love the software. I love being able to create. I love helping others share there message with the world through items I design for them. I love learning new things - and that is something that is NEVER ending in this field. Every day there is something to learn, new technology, new trends, new ways of doing things that are quicker, more efficient, and produce better results. The industry expands while it contracts. Print - which was my first home, is reducing in some ways, while digital is exploding, but the philosophy of good design remains the same.

I found passion in branding & strategic design. Where design is not the afterthought but an integral player at the table. Design is not about making things pretty (although, many times it does) it's about finding out what a bushiness' issues are & developing a strategic method to overcome them. Sometimes this includes design (a new landing page, a direct mail campaign, trade show event, even re-branding), sometimes it doesn't (developing standardized operating procedures, restructuring, client care programs).

I am the principal of Alice Pettey Branding & Strategic Design, LLC. I started running my business full time back in 2012, and incorporated in 2014. Prior to that I had worked as an in-house designer for twelve years.

I came into the design industry sideways. I started out with a Bachelors of Arts in history with the intention of teaching, but life has a way of changing the best laid plans. So, after college I ended up working as an office administrator for an interior design firm. This was my first exposure to the design industry. Although, becoming a Certified Interior Designer did not appeal to me, the technology they used did, so I started looking as associated fields and ended up going back to school for two Certifications. One in Graphic Design and the other in Multimedia.

In 2012, the company I was working for downsized and outsourced my position. At first this seamed like horrible timing - I was in the middle of getting my MFA in Media Design, and had three children, including one with special needs. But, because of my move into design, an opportunity presented itself that would let me pick up a fairly large client where I would be able to work for myself, finish up my MFA, and accommodate my special need son's schedule.

By May of 2013 I finished my MFA, and was working for myself full time.

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