Olusola Olusuyi Ajisafe

Designer, Artist, and Small Business Owner in Abuja, Nigeria

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Welcome I am Sola, a Lady trying to figure it all out...Analyst by day, quilter by night!!! Fabric lover and totally obsessed with all things Quilting. My new philosophy...when you can't find the words,just DESIGN OUT LOUD!!! Needless to say, I am finding my voice in quilting and I invite you to share my awesome adventure in Quilt-land. Let's learn, share, and bask in "Quiltiness" together :) Quilting is not popular in my community but I want to share my love of quilting with my community. Join me on this journey of discovering the endless possibilities of quilting and the challenges of making my community fall in love with quilting!!!

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    • Alice Samuel's Quilt Co.