Alice Schøn Larsen

Copenhagen, Denmark

With an interesting and challenging upbringing in Denmark, I have through my mothers Chinese background and my fathers travels around the world always had an interest in foreign cultures and history.

Since I was little my father always told me ''one thing is to know a little about everything - but you should strive to know a lot about everything'' - and at that time biggest project in life began. I have ever since traveled in China and greater parts of Europe studying everything I could ever get my hands on trying to acquire as much knowledge as possible. During this I found that my personal passion lies in planning and managing projects in the art scene. As a volunteer in different music and art festivals and projects I have found a passion for work and people that I wish to be involved in for many years to come.

  • Education
    • Designskolen Nykøbing F.
    • Sorø Akademi
    • Mediehøjskolen
    • Copenhagen Business School
    • Danish school og Media and Journalism