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Alice May Singleton

Alice to most; Al, Ali, Alimay, to some. I am complicated, emotional and sentimental. I either care about something passionately, or not at all.

At 21 years old I have lived a fairly rollercoaster life; with some major down times resulting in depression and axiety disorders, and some fabulous high's resulting in a fantastic group of friends and the most supportive, wonderful family I could ever ask for.

I am a researcher for the agricultural newspaper; The Farmers Guardian. I am an active member of the youth group, Young Farmers, live on a farm, and am a farmer's daughter. From that list you can see where my passion lies. I love all things farming and agricultural related and I am ever so lucky to live on a beautiful farm, work at such a prestigious agricultural newspaper and be part of the fabulous federation of Young Farmers.

I am studying for a degree in English Language in Literature through the Open University. I also love to play and teach piano, go to the gym, cycle around my beautiful surroudings, read soppy love stories, watch soppy love stories and hope and dream that one day I can be a part of my own soppy love story.

I love to sing but rarely do this in public. I love music; my iTunes will probably be amongst the most varied collection of music you will have ever seen. From Disney to Queen, to Bowling for Soup and Metallica - I will listen to pretty much anything. I love Musical Theatre; my sister is a MT actress and has filled our house with musical music for many years now. I couldn't tell you which is my favourite musical or song, but I would say that Les Miserables is up there with the best.

I live each day at a time - I don't often look to the future and make plans. We never know what is going to happen along the way. I love my life and I am lucky to have such a brilliant support network or friends and family around me. I am a beautfiul mess; and I wouldn't have it any other way.x