Alice Tindale

Hi guys I dont know what to write in these types of things but i'm just gonna make it simple :3 My name is Alice, but just call me Al, please c: I will be 14 on the 22nd of August :p Feel free to follow my quality blog on Tumblr, and if I like your blog/if your blogs similar I will return a follow, and follow me on Twitter :D

My Tumblr theme doesnt support extra page links so I decided to make this page thing and put it under my Links.

FAQ (kind of)

Vote for me?

Sure! c:

Promo for promo?

It depends

Solo me/ 5 line solo?

Only if I get something back in return (fan sign / any types of codes or something along those lines :3)

Check out my blog?

Yes of course! If your blogs simalar / quality I will follow you!

Why the unfollow?

I unfollowed you because you changed your blogging style, were rude to me or your followers for no reason, posted pornography, or you wasnt active for 3+ more days unless I really really really like your blog. Sorry :c

Please don't ask me to reblog something from you

Icon? made it

*compliments* I love you. You make my day. I may not publish your compliments or answer them but thank you so so much.

*hate* go ahead and embarrass yourself

Please come to me for advice, I love you all, each and everyone of you. You all deserve a chance. Tell me anything. I am here for you through thick or thin, anon or not.