Alice W. Chin

New York City and Philadelphia Metro Areas

I exist in the world as a puzzle and problem solver - I thrive when executing the production of a creative process, managing operations and traffic flow, connecting and directing people, and creating structure out of chaos. I am most successful when partnering strategically with creative, innovative thinkers to bring their ideas into reality - whether building out a physical office, creating policy and procedure that will structure the operations and culture of a new company, or producing a memorable event.

I enjoy taking a large project, breaking it down into the various actionable pieces, executing or finding others to do each piece, anticipating and resolving problems, troubleshooting if necessary, and bringing the project to a close successfully, peacefully, on-time and on-budget. I am at ease with all the skills required to run a business or large-scale project - talent recruitment and management, contracts, liability, scheduling, budgeting, etc., and find that oscillating between all of those responsibilities is where I find energy and engagement in my work.