Bosch 635es Tankless Water Heater

Has the capability to make water much hotter than we 'd everneed for a shower and is very user friendly.

Simple way to reduce your carbon footprint, point of uselacks nothing compared to a traditional hot water tank, and this is definitelythe way to go!

I managed to figure out the issue and get it running on myown. I do like the way it works and had it started at first attempt it would bea 5 star.

You're standing outside on a washrack and all the suddenyou're hit with ice cold water in places that can't be mentioned in thisreview. We installed our Water Heater on a 5 position dolly purchased fromCostco which holds the bosch 635es tankless waterheater propane tank and other materials for washing a horse. It takes alittle time to get the temperature right the first time, but then just leave italone.

This unit works awesome does everything it says and easy toinstall. Keeping me in endless hot water for my guest house couldn't behappier. Would recommend tis product to friends and anyone who needs hot waterwith a simple solution.

This water heater performs very well at 1/2 the cost of someother brands. My previous tankless was an aquastar that cost 3 times as muchyet this one works just fine.

To find a product at this price, that is as reliable as thisone is, is not an easy feat. AND, it is half the price off less well made waterheaters in retail stores which I have to drive 45 minutes to shop in. It willbehoove you to connect two propane tanks at a time.

We bought to replace a travel trailer water heater, wereplaced it ourselves it took a little bit of time to replace but once we hadit ready it worked better than expected.

You have to go outside to adjust the temperature and as theoutdoor temperature drops, you need to increase the heat. It is so much moreenergy efficient than a hot water heater that the disadvantages are worth it.

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