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Alicia E. Bello

Student in Washington, DC

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Nigerian-American. Daughter of the Dyaspora. Spelmanite. Natural hair. Future wife, mother, lawyer, policy-maker, writer & social entrepreneur.

Creative, passionate and authentic, Alicia's resume and life experiences are a testimony to her love of all things African. Since 2009, she has diligently worked with nonprofits and social businesses that are committed to positively impacting the lives of people of African descent. Her experiences as a Nigerian- American, have inspired her commitment to leverage similar socio-cultural and historical legacies to eliminate poverty, promote development and bridge the gap between people of African descent. A budding entrepreneur and social activist, Alicia is currently working on several projects related to the African diaspora. Alicia graduated with high honors from Spelman College in 2011 and is an aspiring lawyer and policymaker.

Current Projects include:

Ankedjé Republic: Ankedjé is an online boutique that brings African textiles to the world. We feature natural hair & fashion accessories inspired by African print.

Daughter of the Dyaspora: Daughter of the Dyaspora is a blog devoted to politics and current events in Africa, the Caribbean and Black America with a sprinkling of random musings on life.

Gen Voices DC: Gen Voices DC is the Washington, DC based chapter of Generational Voices. GenVoices is a growing non partisan pan-Nigerian movement working to create political, economic, social and technological change in Nigeria.

JELYPals – JELYPals is an online platform that uses education and technology to bridge the divide between African and African American youth. We seek to use pen pals and storytelling as a form of cultural exchange.

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  • Education
    • Spelman College
    • Harvard Law School