Alicia (Allie) Kay

Hell Hole

Allie--15--Sophomore ♥
Born & homegrown in Virginia ♥
I blow out the candles April 6th ♥
"Why yes, I DO frequently burst out in song" ♥
music is my life ♥
supermegafoxyawesomehot ♥
S.W.A.G = Saved with amazing grace ♥
Nerdfighter ♥
Ravenclaw ♥


Now into the deep stuff

I’m a white suburban chick who is terrified of being just a face in the crowd. I just don’t wanna be forgotten. So I do/say/wear weird things to get attention.
I love reading, I’m a total bookie. I like reading books that get deep into what the character is about, I find people fascinating. Like what makes them tick or what causes psychological issues
Just another straight girl for gay rights.
I cuss, and I enjoy it. Studies show that cursing when in pain, helps build up your pain tolerance.
I love to sing, even though my friends are better than me at singing I don’t do it to be good, I do it because I enjoy it. I rarely get nervous when I go up in front of a crowd, I think it’s because when I sing, I only care about me, I don’t care if the audience likes it or not. Also If you have an audience they usually don’t tell you to shut up like my friends do haha. I’m addicted to song lyrics that pour my heart out for me, you can usually find them written in pen all over my right hand. Read my hand, you have read my mind.
I have depression and anxiety yuck
I adore cats. Dogs are cool a cat’s the only cat, who knows where it’s at.
I love Princesses, probably because I am one, of course the disney princesses, but lets also remember Anastasia and The Swan Princess,
I have a bit of an obsession with any information I can find about Anastasia Romanov or Marie Antoinette.
I love musical theatre! I’ve memorized half of Stephen Sondheim’s musicals since I was 3.
I am obsessed with Firefly
I hate how I trust everyone. I see the good in everyone until they screw me over.
I want to leave virginia and never come back
I am a night owl and I don’t hate the morning, I hate waking up
Your lack of grammar mirrors the lack of respect I have towards you.
I ALWAYS give money to people on the street. Someday I want to sit and talk to them, and learn about them, and see if there is something else I can do
I wish I was a dancer
I wish I was a mermaid
I’m in love with Paris, and its magic.
I’m just waiting for my life

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