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Publisher, Author, Activist in New York

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Alicia Clark is a Novelist who is currently reinventing herself, and actively pursuing her human rights. She noticed the lack of care toward women as a child growing up in Denver, Colorado. She believes that she has been a Feminist since she was seven years old, and she attributes her survival as a traffic victim to part stubborn and the rest to being proud to be an independent woman of color. She says that the excitement of living free and independent was something that she never saw any woman in her family do, and she embraced her hardships with a smile as a young woman because she knew that she was being afforded an opportunity to have her own life experiences, even when some experiences were sad. She states,

"For many years, I did not know that I was being trafficked, but it sometimes felt as if someone was playing a cruel trick on my emotions," as she willingly shares that she has always been very sensitive. Alicia Clark would like to see women thrive in our world without labels and she advocates for women to have the right to be feminine and strong; angry and happy; foul mouthed and sweet, all in one sitting.

"Women have been boxed in with unnatural expectations for too long, it's time that our world see every dimension of "we" and the quiet greatness that is in so many women who have been oppressed in more ways than income inequality, although that is a definite problem. There are many ways to oppress a human being, and all forms of oppression and violence must be called out and stopped and we should do it now."

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