Alix Pimentel

Artist, Writer, and Editor in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Alicia grew up in Mexico, she dream of becoming a writer at a young age and spend most of her time making up stories. She attended college for a brief time before moving to the United States where her mother lived.

Her stories, although fictional are mainly based on true stories. Currently she is workingon a book that brings up the 1968 massacre of students and teachers in Mexico City, moving up to most recent events such as Ayotzinapa. She had the idea to write this book since she was expelled from college for defending the cause, but she let it sleep for over a decade, until the current events with students in Mexico reminded her that thereis a story to be told.

Awidow and single mother she finds life to be ironic, this ironies are included in her stories.

Sheoften writes for her daughter, as she enjoys horror she usually uses that theme, yet she tries to teach her a lesson in the stories.

As an immigrant, and knowing many Hispanic people, she sees the difference intreatment for legal and illegal immigrants; she is planning on writing about that subject eventually, for now she collects notes about it.

In her writing you can see the influence of many writers, you can find truestories turned into fiction, and fictional stories that you will feel real. Youcan find suspense, horror, her Hispanic background and a little bit of magic.

  • Education
    • Universidad del Valle de Mexico
    • Southern New Hampshire University