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Alicia Shearsby

Adderbury, Oxfordshire

Alicia Rhianna Shearsby. 19 years old.

Brown hair.Blue eyes.8 Piercings.5ft 4.

In the end we only regret chances we didnt take.
The relationships we were scared to have and the decisions we waited to long to make, there comes a time in your life when you realise who matters, who doesnt, who never did and who always will.

Travel, volunteering, experimental, anti-corporation, more likely to be averse to organized religion, photography, solitary at times, nihilistic, anti-materialism, attracted to the counter culture, observant, curious, non-traditional, internally driven, enviromentally aware - don't be afraid to drop me a message :)

  • Work
    • Let's Play Project
  • Education
    • Warriner School, Bloxham
    • Chenderit Sixth Form
    • The Warriner School