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Alicia White

Plymouth, New Hampshire, United States

My name is Alicia White I am currently a student at PlymouthState University. I haven’t picked a major yet I’m still weighing my options. Iam positive I want to do something in the health field. I am already an LNA,which if you don’t know is a licensed nursing assistant. I am a very outgoingperson and love to laugh. I am always singing my dream is to go on The Voiceone day. I love the outdoors too my favorite thing to do in the summer is toeither be kayaking or at the ocean. I grew up here in Plymouth but I reallyhate the winter, snow is just the worst I’m not even sure why I’m still livinghere. I love my pets too I have two dogs both keeshonds a girl and a boy and Ihave a cat. They are my world I don’t know what I would do without them. Iusually never have any free time either if I’m not in class then I’m at workand if I’m not at either I’m doing homework. When I can though I love hangingout with my friends they crack me up and we always have a good time.

  • Work
    • Country Cow Restaurant
  • Education
    • Plymouth State University