Alicia Ford

Alicia Ford

My name is A. B. Ford. I graduated from Texas State University-San
Marcos with a Bachelors of Arts in Communications (go Bobcats!). I am originally
from Houston, Texas.

I created Be Your Own Image© to serve women who need the empowerment, the encouragement, the strength, and the training to boldly be their own image. BYOImage offers curriculums designed to help build a strong and real foundation within a woman, so she can be who it is she is meant to be. With BYOImage, we help women rediscover their beauty that society, circumstances, kids, marriages, and life in general has diminished.

We impact this world by strengthening women to connect with who they are on the inside through in depth beauty workshops, enhance what is on the outside through selective beauty services, and empower who they want to be through small business opportunities.

Twenty-five years ago, if someone told me they could help me develop a more positive image of myself through simple, yet powerful hands-on tips that I could do at home daily, I would have been the first person to sign up.

From middle school to college, I struggled with my image.
As time has gone by, I have graduated from college and jumped into corporate America. As I climbed the ladder of success, I learned more about what I wanted in life, how I wanted to be treated, and how I wanted to treat people. I
worked in the cosmetics industry, where I interacted with hundreds of women on a daily basis. I discovered that no matter how old a woman is, she can still struggle with body image, self-respect, and depression simply because the
foundation of what she believes she brings to this world is weak. I use to wonder how my life would be shaped now if I had not been afraid to show people who I really was. I spent so much time being who I felt others wanted me to be just so I could fit in and have "friends".