Alicia Frith



I am Alicia, it's great to be here.

Just joined, so excited to write a little something about me.

Well, I like loving life, enjoying life as much as life has to offer.

Having recently graduated and now working as a home designer, I got myself occupied with all kinds of interesting activities whenever I can when I am not working. Such as getting immersed in social networking like Facebook at and of course here at

Doing home cooking during my free time, cooking up some beef lagsagne though I tend to mess up the whole kitchen - hope it tastes nice anyway :)

Browsing the internet also occupies my free time, especially if the internet offers opportunities for me to sell (and buy) some items which I happen to stumble upon one such classifieds at Of course, that interest me, I would like filling up my wardrobe with all my necessities in the near future...