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Nominee for Best Of The Net 2013, as well as Publisher/Editor In Chief at NightWing Publications, author Alicia Winski, of Seattle, was born and raised in Southern CA. Having lived many of her formative years in several beach areas such as Venice, Playa del Rey and Malibu, California, she developed an early affinity for water and often incorporates that affinity, along with her love of music and color, into much of her writing.

Despite the fact that she grew up in a writing atmosphere, Winski never aspired to write herself, dreaming instead of a singing career. In fact, when a palm reader predicted a future in writing for her, Alicia spent her teenage years studiously avoiding the vocation. However, the gypsy's prediction came true years later when Winski found herself picking up a pen in a struggle for lucidity after a long struggle with panic disorder developed in 2002. She has yet to put her pen down.

Her work has been featured in numerous publications, and her first poetry collection, "Running On Fumes", was published in early 2010, with a second collection entitled "Naughty Girls Dream In Color", set for release sometime in 201.

Winski, cut her teeth on publishing as one of two editors for small press, Edgar & Lenore's Publishing House. While there, Winski brought to the literary table, eight titles, including Amazon's #1 best seller, "In The Company of Women, An Anthology of Wit & Wisdom, Sass & Class" and "Men In the Company of Women, An Anthology of Praise & Persuasion", released in February of 2013 where it remained #1 on the Amazon charts for best selling men's anthology.

In her own writing, Alicia Winski brings a fiercely honest approach to poetry in a unique voice, and with her work published nationwide and internationally, she continues to astound readers world-wide.

"Fine lines define/this road map upon my face/a highway of information/stored in each and every turn". Thus begins the title poem of Alicia Winski's, "Running On Fumes". The lines to which the poet refers are hard-won truths, shared with a gritty passion and honesty that makes this collection nearly impossible to put down. If you read these poems and find yourself asking questions like, "How did she know?" and "who let her inside my life?", you are not alone. The experiences of which Winski writes so insightfully are truly universal.

Winski, along with Co-Editor, Rich Follett, has most recently, in her

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