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Alicia Aeziman

Founder of ADA Executive Search in Sarasota, Florida

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Alicia Aeziman has always been an ambitious person. After many years as a successful professional in the executive search industry, she decided to branch out on her own and open her own generalist firm: ADA Executive Search. Through her skills in relationship building, researching, and analysis, she was able to match clients to the right candidates. Over the years Alicia has built up the company to serve many prudent organizations for senior management positions.

When Alicia moved to Sarasota, Florida in 2006 and realized that the economy was slowing, she switched gears to accommodate her new circumstances. She opened Alicia’s Grooming, a salon providing dog grooming, dog walking, and dog sitting services. In this entirely new niche Alicia was able to thrive as an entrepreneur and build a diverse and loyal clientele.

Now Alicia splits her time between her work at ADA and a number of exciting hobbies and activities, including rowing, art and photography, reading and writing, traveling and more.