author in Chicago, Illinois


author in Chicago, Illinois

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32. Passionate is an understatement. Beyond full of life. Some would describe me as ...A breath of fresh air. A burst of sunshine. Adorable. Endearing. Encouraging. Positive and honest to a fault. I like to think of myself as a leader, an entrepreneur, a curator of ideas. I don't like to do anything small, but in everything excellence, grandiosity and to be unforgettable. Get to know me through my writing which spills from my heart and onto the low lit screens of Follow me on my journey through this lovely life & learn with me how to be more caring, more compassionate, more loving, more authentic, & more secure--despite how dim the world might look outside. Less worry, less fear, more hope, more LOVE. Let's go!!!!!

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Formal Bio: Alicia Barkley, 32, Author & Founder of ADORED ABOVE and is a globally-minded blogger writing to a diverse audience of beautiful, lovely & unique individuals. Currently ADORED ABOVE is a flourishing movement on Facebook with over 3,000+ members, reaching from coast to the ends of the Earth through various social media platforms including WordPress, FB, Tumblr & Twitter.

Alicia Barkley is...endearing, authentic, genuine, transparent, relatable blogger who purposes her writing as a means to encourage and inspire others as she shares her life story through emotive writing that evokes a response from her readers. Her writing has been uplifting and inspiring to many, all around the World.

Alicia Barkley is currently in conception & development stage planning for several books she will be authoring, all of which are faith centered & encouraging.

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