I find myself positioned in the nexus between war and peace, destruction and design, conflict and community. These spaces in-between [in-between activism and academics, practice and policy, builder and building] seem the most relevant in today's multicultural, cosmopolitan, interdisciplinary world where what we build (and what we destroy) come to define who we are.

Addressing such interrelated and interdisciplinary issues require a unique perspective. I have always looked at projects and problems with split-vision, seeing both the 'big picture' as well as the individual components. Doing so requires being able to see the pieces of a picture, like the tiles of a mosaic, and understand how each one impacts the others surrounding it. It means knowing how to combine these pieces to produce the best outcome. I approach matters with this framework in mind. I hope that, with the placement of each piece, I can manifest this vision.

As a result, I have pursued a variety of work and research - both paid and volunteer - in order to understand how each job, each department, and each area [inter]acts as a piece of the larger picture of humanitarian aid as it pertains to peace, conflict, and community development. I strive to see patterns in how things operate – past successes and failures, present needs and challenges, and future opportunities and change. I strive to see whether or not the pattern being used is still the best one for the situation at hand.

In raising awareness about the connections between development, conflict, and architecture I hopes to help advance policy and practice that recognize the importance of the built environment to the people who live in it. At the end of the day, my goal is to affect positive change and increase social consciousness.

  • Work
    • Independent Consultant
  • Education
    • MA Legal Studies
    • BA Law
    • BA Political Science