Alicia Hawley

austin, tx

When asked to write my bio, I always panic. Who wants to read something all about me, anyways? Oh, well here goes…

I have always considered myself the product of that old show, "Green Acres". My mother (ZSA ZSA) liked the city life (San Francisco) and my father the root toot'n cowboy on the range of Idaho, liked the country life.

I have lead a great life using all the knowledge and skills that I have learned along the way regarding Marketing and Mass Communications. No matter, if I am working with a particular clients needs, developing interest and sponsors for my non-profits, or creating a spectacular event for my kids, these skills are a part of my daily routine.

I feel extremely comfortable working in a highly creative and fast-paced environment while managing a variety of assignments simultaneously. I am experienced and have an understanding of the digital creative production process and ability to learn all that is upcoming in the digital world we live in.

Now a days, I am a triathlon coach of a team of Women in Round Rock. I am a mother of two "Tweens", I work with and coordinate the parents of special needs children in the RRISD, I help emerging new small businesses, I love putting on fantastic events and my favorite thing to do is cheering people on as they finish something that they thought they could never accomplish.

Everyday, I try to learn something new and make sure that I make everyday great!

Specialties:* Strong work ethic, business acumen, and professional manner.

*Strong skills in prioritizing, multi-tasking, attention to detail and organization.

*Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

*Proven ability to anticipate and problem-solve to ensure client/customer satisfaction.

*Provide clear and regular communication regarding client and project goals, prioritization, and measures of success.

*Working knowledge of multimedia technologies

  • Work
    • Account Executive
  • Education
    • BA in Mass Communication