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Alicia Kier

Student and Photographer in Santee, California

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Hello, I’m Alicia. I’m a student of West Hills High living in Santee, California. I am a fan of photography, music, and movies. I am a curious person, I also question myself on my acts and thoughts. I have a big heart I love my family more than anything and will always put them first before myself. I hope to become a registered Nurse after High school. When I stress out about school or other problems I like to take some time to myself and go for a run or workout, that usually helps me keep my mind off of things. I like to learn new things whether it is cooking, technology or games. I am on social media most of the time because I either keep up to date with my family or talk to my friends that do not live in the same area as I do. I am shy when it comes to speaking in front of my peers, It has always been my biggest fear. My other fear is heights and roller coasters, I usually get paid to go on rides when I go with my family. I work well with others, I do not disrespect others. Every Friday I go to the movie theaters. My favorite food is pizza and wings. My favorite color is purple and blue.