Alicia M.Gaspar

Alicia M.Gaspar

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Alicia M. Gaspar was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. She studied courses in Mass Media and Entertainment Studies at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Furthermore, she also gained her UCLA diplomas on Producing and Directing with distinction. After that, she decided to improve her directing techniques and the craft of directing actors for the scene and began a new journey, this time she'd properly study Performing Arts at LAPAC Conservatory.

Throughout years of hard work in foreign countries (Wales, England and the US), Alicia has written scripts and assisted people on developing several projects.

Additionally, as a consequence of her lifestyle, while living in foreign lands she wrote and published "Poemas Nocturnos" back in 2011.

Currently, Alicia works as a producer, director and, occasionally, as an editor. Some paths just suck you in, and fortune has driven her to postproduction facilities quite often in the last past years. Her resume is pretty wide: story departments, commercials, viral videos, music videos, features, TV-realities... An authentic digital filmmaker of her time.

Lastly, one of her side projects entails blogging. She posts weekly articles in spanish about filmmaking, screenwriting, media oddities and other curiosities of the Industry.

"You can't be a brilliant director without knowing how actors feel and behave, which ways you can go about triggering emotions and what it really takes. You just won't be able to get the best of them if you don't know how they breath, therefore your piece will be worthless. So, that was the very thing that I was lacking of by that time. It's one of those things taken for granted by everyone... As a matter of fact, most of directors nowadays have that problem (more money and technical abilities than sense in terms of style, subtext, themes and directing actors as human beings behave). All and all, even though I'd read a hell of a lot about it, I knew something else was missing and decided to take some action. So I took some time off from these other crafts I had been cultivating for years, to be able to immerse myself deep down into this essential discipline, and then emerge as a total different professional with other assets different to what the rest have to offer. Seriously, postproduction can fix many things, make cool montages, hide mistakes... You may have a specialty or two and be the best at it... But 'bad acting' is unfixable, and a setup for failure."