Alicia Moore

I am a woman of faith, and prayer, and love - love that extends from the heavens to the earth and spreads outwardly like ripples on a body of water. I am grounded and happiest when immersed in the natural world, camera in hand and praising the Creator. Every river is a call to adventure, every woodland a mystery to explore. And I love, love, love thunderstorms!

I've been told I have "a laugh set on a hair trigger" and take any excuse to do it. From Albinoni's sublime Adagio in G Minor to the primal wail of a blues guitar to the driving beat of southern rock, music touches my soul and I sing it back out with passion if not the greatest skill. Give me a beat and I'm out of my seat, eyes closed and lost in the rhythm. Or head bobbing and bouncing in my seat. :)

As much as I love music, I also love language - the way words evoke images, develop atmosphere and bring all things to life feeds my soul the way science and technology feed my inner geek. From the strict discipline of haiku to wordy classics, deep scripture to light novels - a well turned phrase can bring me to tears or sustain me for days.

I love people as much as nature, music and language. There are very few I have met whom I have not embraced as friend or family. I see in each the reflection of God, the shared humanity of Christ and a fellow traveler through the journey of this life. I am fascinated by their cultures, food and stories, moved by their dreams and struggles. Some stay in my life for a short time, others will never leave my heart but each is appreciated and cherished. Are you a friend waiting to be met?