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Alicia Patterson

Alicia Patterson

I am an experienced marketing and communications professional. But mostly what drives me is that I love ideas, interesting people, and to write.

I began as a print journalist (winning a ‘Young Journalist of the Year’ Award for reporting on youth issues in the western suburbs of Melbourne – but that was back in the 80’s). Over time, I developed a lot of experience in applying communications and managing media relations in the legal, social justice and not for profit sectors.

I've also worked in market research, health promotion, local government, and on state and federal government campaigns; with membership associations and peak bodies. There's a little more about me here, in this interview by colleagues in the comms industry.

My current career ambition is to have a tweet published on the ABC TV’s QandA program.

Then I started this blog reallyinterestingpeople because...

Is it too unsophisticated to say I just wanted to write my own way about stuff I like?

People are interesting. I come across really interesting people in my work, my town and my world. There's always something more going on with people, don't you think?

Especially for the ones we think we know because they loom large as public figures, or famous in their own sphere. But also - probably more interestingly in some ways the ordinary people in our ordinary lives. The ones we overlook, because they are part of the crowd that makes the mass of us.

Sometimes it takes a fresh perspective to see someone differently.

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