Alicia Ryherd

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Alicia Ryherd, 24, very active in Tulsa community
Alicia Ryherd, 24, lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma where she is very active in the community as well as a successful working professional.

As an active member of the Tulsa Young Professionals, she is extremely involved with their charitable work and community service events. Alicia also participates in many outdoor exercising groups and clubs including hiking, fishing, archery, and horseback riding among others. She is a member of the International Defensive Pistol Association, where she participates in multiple competitions and has been recognized multiple times for her shooting skills. During her down time, Alicia enjoys reading, painting and cooking as well as photography.
Professionally, Alicia is an Account Manager at LOGIX Communications. Headquartered in Houston, Texas with offices in Oklahoma, LOGIX is a communications company focusing on making telecom easy and convenient for small and medium-sized businesses. LOGIX voice and data networks are among those with considerably the most prestigious technology in the telecom industry. As an Account Manager, Alicia is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with existing company clients and renewing their contracts post expiration, often with revenue increases per contract as a result of the positive experience she has provided all of her clients. Alicia is also responsible for seeking out new business and negotiating the terms of new client contracts and delivering on the agreen-upon terms. Alicia has moved up within the company at a fast pace and has received excellent reviews from all of the clients for which she is LOGIX’s representative. Alicia also works as Personal Trainer part-time as well as lending her Carpentry Masonry expertise, a skill she learned at a young age, to the US Army.

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