Alícia Tapounet

Alícia Tapounet

My name is Alicia, I was born in Barcelona. I'm twelve years old. My birthday is on December 22.

I am going to Virolai School, and I am studying second of ESO.

My favorite food is Japanese food, and also Italian and Chinese food.

My favourite colors are green and blue, my favourit sports are swimming, gym and skiing.

My favourite band is One Direction and my favourite animal is squirrel.

I love movies, I want to be a film director....
I like music too, and i play the piano, it's relaxing.

I enjoy watching TV, talking with friends, sleeping... and traveling! I've been to many wonderful places, like New York, Chicago, Los angeles, China, Egypt, London and many more.

I have one turtle named Ricky, it is three years old.

This is me and my life. Thank you for your attention.