Alicia Wotherspoon

My name is Alicia Wotherspoon and I was born and raised in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. During my time in elementary and high school, I was very involved in piano, band, soccer, volleyball, and dance. In august of 2007, I moved to Regina to get a degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education with a major in biology. I hope to pass on my interest and love of the natural world to my students and to change the belief that science is difficult to understand and has little relevance in the real world. I want to change this opinion by making science meaningful to the students and creating a space where their ideas and feelings are recognized and respected.

I also am attaining a minor in physical education. This choice was primarily influenced by the importance of physical activity and the outdoors in my life. I continue to be involved in dance both as a member of the Inspired Dance Company in Saskatoon, and as a teacher at the Applause Dance Academy in Regina. I think that the lessons that I have learned from these experiences has given me confidence and will help me when I am teaching physical education and science in schools.

During my time here at university, I have found passion in many things but specifically with outdoor education and environmental education. Over this past year, I have become an executive member in three student groups within the university: GUESS (Group of Education Science Students), HOPE (Health Outdoor Phys Ed), and ESS (Ed Students Society). I have also taken workshops in Project Wet, Project Wild, and Flying Wild and, in recent history, led a workshop on environmental education at the SciMatics conference here in Regina and a science workshop at WestCast in Brandon, Manitoba.