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Alicja Spaulding

Alicja Spaulding, MBA, thrives in challenging, fast-paced environments where she can leverage her marketing and business experience. She quickly comprehends competitive situations and needs of the market, then defines and executes marketing strategies that increase brand equity, growth and profitability. Alicja is interested in how tech advances impact consumers and businesses. She actively researches and engages in social media marketing strategies. More recently, she was involved in researching and writing an article on the impacts of social media / social networks on direct marketing businesses (published May 15, 2012 in Business Horizons - Kelley School of Business' bi-monthly journal). Further, she stays abreast of the latest analytical platforms for measuring digital marketing strategy successes. Alicja is a personable, creative, and entrepreneurially-minded individual. She has international experience working with diverse, cross-functional teams as well as independently.