Alida Executive Asst Extraordinaire

Executive Assistant and Project Manager in San Francisco, California

Over thirty years experience as a spunky Executive Administrative Assistant for c-level execs and on weekends cooking for anyone that will let me loose in their kitchen. I worked an additional role as an interim CFO for a major university system's online education program for nearly two years and many years as a project manager. I provide excellent skills and proven ability in planning and leading corporate programs, working independently to ensure timely completion of projects and maintaining communication with customers, employees, suppliers, and business partners.

As Executive Assistant, I fulfill the day-to-day managerial assistant role, often working on special projects, undertaking analytical work and research. I am detail oriented and able to discreetly handle highly confidential information. I have strong technical computer skills and software with diverse experience within the finance, insurance and healthcare fields.

Creating calm within chaos is my daily fun. Currently seeking a new professional opportunity as an executive or project assistant and I would appreciate any assistance finding that golden opportunity.