Ali Diallo

New York | Washington D.C. | Silicon Valley

Ali Diallo is an American Internet entrepreneur and inventor focused on global innovation, mobile technology, thought leadership and disruptive industries. He is a Founding Partner at MIT Ventures, a Silicon Valley-based company focused on tech innovation and transformative concepts in the US and in emerging markets. He serves as VP, Operations of Quake Marketing and co-founder of AfterShock, a cloud enterprise analytics software for marketers and Google advertisers. He is the founder of AdWave, an initiative that explores new conceps of ad monetization in social, mobile and digital media.

Diallo founded a global publishing group that promotes human rights and cultural diversity, a record label of world music, a creative studio and a seed fund that focuses on mobile and consumer Internet. He is a former Digital Advertising Manager at Gannett Corporation, the largest media company of the US and owner of USA Today.

Diallo is an advocate of global issues and the founder of United (formerly Luminari), an international initiative that aims at bringing a new leadership vision to emmerging markets using disruptive technologies, modern politics and innovative management concepts from American entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

Diallo's inventions and contributions span various industries from technology and business management to modern science, arts, poetry, music and politics. An eclectic writer, he has written books on management theory, humor, new-age poetry and quantum physics and has studied Socrates, Leonardo DaVinci, Einstein and Rumi.