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Ali El-Zein

my work experience started at a young age i had my first job at 15 in grade 9 working construction for a stucco company. I was working with a sub contractor on many different construction sites averaging about 2 or 3 sites a month.

After about 2 years of constantly working long hours and going to school I became a subcontractor myself. Still working with a subcontractor I was made an equal partner with him. Splitting the money and work evenly. This job made me realize and understand the meaning of a dollar and made me grow up very quickly.

Afer graduating high school i decided that i was going to go to college and get an easier job until I have a proper education and open up my own business.

I am currently working at a restaurant in down town ottawa and studdying to one day open my own company or contracting company in the not so distant future.