AlienAis Creations

Redding, California, United States

There are soooo many AlienAi's out there on the web today... Ai have been AlienAi for the last 50 some years! My cousins named me this because my name looked like "Alien" when we were little and it was the era for all the sitings!! Yes, Ai believe. Ai am known as AlienAi's Creations, Creations by AlienAi, Lake Superior Inspirations by AlienAi, and AlienAiStore. Alien is a big word out there and when doing a search, who knows what will come up? Sometimes Ai am in the forefront, others in the middle and others in the rear. Ai sell jewelry, bookmarks, and crafts, all handmade or artisan as folks around here like to put it! My work is inspired by the great Lake Superior and the Chippewa Nation that surrounds my home here. Wonderful views daily from Mother Nature, many of which are in my photography and art works. The land will also give up something for me to use in a creation. Stones, wood, plants. Nothing is for free, but at good reduced prices so others can enjoy my work. If you cannot afford it, you will not be buying it, right? Ai have called it, "Not an arm and a leg jewelry" and well, sales are pretty darn good because of it! Ai love to Barter and Deal, so make an offer, I can only say no right? You will never know unless you ask. Ai enjoy what Ai do and WANT others to enjoy it, so marking items up so high that my ego will not allow others to purchase them is just not a good thing to do. My ego is large but not so that I sit on product! Ai WANT YOU to enjoy what I offer. Ai have a great turn around business. So if you ever need a great item as a gift or to just make yourself happy, stop in and check out my stuff*. We also sell at the Bayfield Inn and Stones Throw in Bayfield, Wisconsin on Lake Superior. Have a Wonderful 2011 everyone! And Thanks for making my small business what it has grown to be! To all those who purchased items from me, Thank you. THANKS AGAIN! AlienAi The one and only Original AlienAi! We Accept Paypal Our customer feedback is not perfect (if it was I would worry), but for the few disgruntled ones, we have all paperwork on file for review if anyone would like to view. I have many years in the credit and collections business, as well as retail and wholesale selling, so my files are in order. I am customer service oriented as you will see in my feedback history. All problems are handled fast and all possible problems worked out. As long as Customer is willing to work with buyer and shipping companies as to any problems.