Aaron Rushlow

Hi. I’m Aaron Rushlow and this is my blog. I maintain a metaphysics bio as well and sing. I live and go to School in Belleville, Ontario taking the Media Experience Program with teachers like, Sarah Hamil,Paul, Michelle, and Dave among others. I have done, blogs, vlogs, even a radio spot! Effective and appropriate use of social media combined with open source values and practices. I maintain a keen interest in Metaphysics, philosophy, and the third world kind. I find lots of cool links from across the web and share them. I started my research at twelve years old, and I am now 19 years of age. I will upload a lot of my believes as I deem fit. I played hockey for sixteen years of my life, it was pretty much the main point in my history and all I can remember and I will never forget the good times and the bad! but I had a little girl and had to come home and retire from the greatest sport ever known, my daughter was well worth it, I love that little girl<3! I value openness, transparency, honesty, respect and passion. That's all you really need to know about me! If you want to know more details of the Rushlow just comment or email preseller@hotmail.com