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Hi, I'm Alex, welcome to my bio!! I'm 13, turning 14 in february, so I'm in 8th grade. Please take into account I'm not an adult, nor close to one! Anyway, I'm a trans boy (he/him pronouns) and I may go by Alex for now but I also like the names Lane and Rem so it's kind of a toss up between those three names.

I also really like aliens, glowing things, and glowing alien things. I like X-Files as well, and Star Wars. But, though I may say I'm an alien jokingly, I am not otherkin. Just letting you know!! My kik is aqueb if you ever want to contact me. I have a lot of self esteem issues so it makes me feel a little better to know people want to talk to me I guess??

I also am psychotic, and have add. If I ever freak out or something I'll keep it on my spam blog or at least try to

Ummm that's really it for now!!!