Sanjeev Jaiswal

Sanjeev Jaiswal aka "Jassi" hails form Dhanbad, Jharkhand. He is a Networking and Information security freak guy who did his B.Tech from CUSAT, Kerala in 2009. He is Currently associated with CSC, India and working on Perl environment. He and his close friend Ritesh got the idea to have one common platform to make a bridge between Students and Professionals/Faculties. As a result they founded Aliencoders, a fully nonprofit technical organization based on learning through sharing principles. He has 2 years IT experience in web based development technologies and keeps on learning, experimenting from his interest. He is the regular contributor in Application Reviews, Perl related blogs and forums and trying hands on information security specially system and web security. He likes Punjabi songs very much. His favorite dish is fish curry and panipuri (also known as golgappa/fuchka/ghupchup).

You can find him at most of the time. He likes to hang out with friends and When he is free you can find him either in kitchen trying different dishes or with his laptop reading articles from different technical sites. (A true netizen!)