Alien Vision

AlienVision is a solo project by Samiran Mane.

A Visual Artist/Jockey by profession. With an experience of over 5 years, has worked & toured around Europe & India.

Working at various festivals:

BOOM2012 & 2014. (Portugal)

OZORA 2012. 2013 & 2015. (Hungary)

Other festivals include Freqs Of Nature (Germany), BlackMoon (Italy), Shamballa (Turkey).

Associating with companies like IDEA Cellular (India), PROMART, SMAASH, STAR TV Network.

The whole idea of the work is to keep be Proffesional Stylish & Creative at the same time. Specialising in Structural Mapping & mind tricking visual techniques, the prospective is to keep Pushing the Limits. Expect a spectacualr show at any time or place, with any genre of Music.

State Of Art Installations.

Production ideas for permanent installations for India's biggest gaming arcade SMAASH.

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