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Feroz Ali

Hi All ,

This documents is not an official data but this can acknowledge as the mandatory document for true friend .yes it does not have the controversy part of escalation but It really has a pearl full value for this documents just because it has a word called FRIENDSHIP. Here I would like to submit my real life friendship part though it has a subsides story which is include in the beneath part of the stanza.

This blog could not able to reveal the name of the friend or it may exclude the name in the climax session. I have a friend with name called Muthuvelanna I usually call him as Anna because he his much elder then me . We have started our friend ship journey in the year 2002 when I was in second year .we had a very dramatically time to make friendship .during this period our understanding and our relation of friends has become with more value and more dependable .days passed with happy and admirable feelings of true friend . In 2007 he got married with a girl called githa on 10th of September .his anniversary and his birthday I will never forget .but he do the same as invert. He never wish me when every my birthday falls.obviously this Forgets and forgiveness is casual in friendship I never mind when ever he forget to wish me.however I will surprised him by wishing him or through offering some gifts .intermediate I do have some others friend where I don't like to explore there name who just make there way on full advantages and benefits. Since I don't find any shadow of selfishness in him .i may can say that his heart is full of purity and softening in nature. I intended to write this blog about true friend which I have . I would have write much more interesting about my luckiest friend "MUTHUVELANNA"though I have mention much about him in this blog . I never know that this session of description will implement the value and rules of friend ship .but still I would like to spread the real value of my friend ship with "MUTHUVELANNA".
The word's are less or there is no word to describe about him .he is best example to describe a perfect human as I found en-number of speciality in him which no one would have or no one will have . he is a kind of person who take all things in light manner it could be a happiest moment or it could be most saddest moment I have been observed that he never bee so hard or harshly on other if any things goes wrong between them indeed