Alif Khan

Alif’s years of experience in the Digital Marketing space has led to a comprehensive knowledge of Internet technologies and business practices. Simply put, his desire is to utilize the new conversations the Internet presents to help others.

An entrepreneur at heart, he made a commitment two and half years ago to Conductor, Inc. (formerly knows as LinkExperts) and has every intention of seeing it through. He stands for trust, integrity, and a unique no nonsense approach to achieving goals.

Alif’s uncanny way of mentally compartmentalizing tasks at hand allows him to surpass milestones along the path to achieving his goals.

Alif posses a tenacious demeanor of completing tasks, then moves on to the next objective. Along this path, he enjoys sharing his experiences with everyone. His unique style of teaching, allows others to call upon their own apprehension in order to solve problems.

He is completely candid, stands true to what he believes in, promotes the causes he is passionate about, and always strives for the best.

Alif is the quintessential critical first hire for any organization that wishes to be successful.