Alifnisla Firdausi

Yogyakarta Indonesia

Hi, my name is Alifnisla Firdausi and for shorter can be call to Alif or Nisla. I was born on June 28th 2001 in my best city ever, Jogjakarta \m/. Right now I still live in Bantul, Jogjakarta.

I like reading ; books, novels, magazine, comics, newspapers maybe xD. I also like writing, because I thought writing is my life. Without writing my life is nothing. I write a simple sentences in everywhere, expect in a wall :p. Usually I write on my diary and my laptop. If I've lonely I'll play a music, especially pop and jazz. Greyson Chance, Taylor Swift, and Carly Rae Jepsen are three of many inspiration to me about the music. I have the idols from my country ; Cakka Nuraga (vocalist of The Finest Tree band), Maudy Ayunda (singer and talented actrees), and who is next? I don't know x)) I like my idols because they have a amazing things that I haven't.

I'm an alumnus of Jurug Sewon Elementary School and now be student of 1 Sewon Junior High School. In that school I found a many friends.

I know, you know if there's not a perfect human. Also perfect friend. I have real friend and fake friend. Even two faced and annoyed friend. Now I know, must be careful to join or make a relationship with others.

Humm I'm a creative blogger and I try to being my blog very cute but simple (?) Haha, you can visit my site on I'm a blogger from... two years ago. My blog just for fun ;) Don't be seriously with me BHAHA. For your information, I make my header's blog with photoscape online xD Yeaa because I don't have a big kuota for downloading this application :D But you will see? Not bad. Haha. Sometimes I will downloading potoscape and make a amazing and adorable header again! o:)

I hope I can be productive writer and success enterpreneur! Amin.

Thanks for reading, hopefully have been nice later xD Don't forget to visit and follow my blog ;) :D

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