London, United Kingdom.

As a Professor at the Faculty of Theology and Religion in the University of Oxford, Dr. Ali Ghalib strives to uphold the institution’s reputation as the leading international centre for research and teaching. Being a member of the recognized largest department for the study of Theology and Religion in the United Kingdom, Dr. Ali believes that the kind of work he does every day with his students will help maintain the faculty’s historic strengths in the history of Christianity, Philosophy and Theology and the study of the Bible. Ali cherishes being part of a major centre for the study of the relation between science and religion, the study of world religions and the place of religion in the world. He wants to be remembered as someone who contributed much to the development of individuals who have made their mark in the world as ministers or chaplains in a variety of institutional settings such as trade and industry, hospital, ambulance, police, prisons, and the military. He also hopes those who graduate from the various courses offered will find fulfillment in working in the social welfare arms of the church and charities including marriage and family counseling, communication functions and overseas development aid. Dr. Ghalib holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and Theology, a Master of Philosophy degree with focus on Reformation Theology and an Oxford doctorate (DPhil), all from the University of Oxford. He belongs to the Centre for the Study of Theology and Modern European Thought based in the University of Oxford’s Faculty of Theology and Religion.