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Ali Ghamloush


Ali Ghamloush


Ali Ghamloush is a 32 - year old.

Editorial Manager - MBC Group

Business, marketing, media and tech experience. He has a degree in Marketing and Advertising.

Co-founder and Social Entrepreneurship Program Manager at and

In 2011, Ali won first place in the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ)'s "Digital Tools for Public Services Reporting" competition for his project "Zinzana"; an online multimedia platform housing information of torture and human rights in Lebanese prisons. Another major project he worked on in 2011 was , an open, citizen media platform launched in solidarity with the Egyptian revolution.

Ali has also been actively blogging and publishing content online since 2005, including a short story "da7ye converssation" in 2008. Offline, he has written some short movies, plays and stories.

Besides his hectic and diverse work life, Ali still enjoys the occasional disconnecting from the virtual world, where he hunts, fishes, hikes, plays soccer and produces mouth-watering* masterpieces of Sujok (spiced Lebanese sausage).

*Ali can back-up this claim with at least one dozen testimonies from his well-fed friends.

  • Work
    • Editorial Manager - MBC Group
  • Education
    • Management and Marketing