Aligine Bartolome

Hi there! I’m so delighted you made the effort of getting into this web page, thank you very much!

I have been working as a Nanny-Housekeeper for so long. And now that I have my own two year old son, it has become very hard for me to do so much of a housekeeping job. At the end of the day, I’d be very exhausted and no longer have time with my child – which every parent is longing for. What is the use of having a nanny-housekeeping job, where I pay the money I earned to another nanny to take care of my child, pay for my transport, leave me very tired, then leave me just around £50 a week?

I am basically looking for a job that would suit our current situation. How great it would be if I can find a family who require a nanny for their 1 - 3 years old child, just around my son’s own age. Ideally, a nanny job that allows me to bring my son with me. Think of it like my son is going for a play-date with their child. Or put it in the other way, somebody who is looking for nanny-share, where in this case, with me – the nanny myself.
This scenario is excellent for a job situated around the area where we live – De Beauvoir Town, Shoreditch, within N1, and along the reachable commute of bus 21, 76, and 141.

I stand open and flexible to all situations though. I can also consider a full-time live-in nanny-housekeeping job if separate accommodation is provided allowing my husband and child to live with me. In this case, location is not a problem. It could be anywhere in London or within the UK – even within the EU (We are British Citizen by the way). We love staying in the countryside!

We are also considering jobs for a COUPLE as well. My husband is quite happy to work as a gardener. Although he is not a professional gardener, he has some gardening experience and we came from an Agricultural upbringing. He can do general household errands. He loves dealing with electronics and computers, like setting up a home theatre. He's an "IT guy" at heart. He has passion for photography, too. He can be your own personal private photographer. Though he is not driving at the moment, he is very willing to undergo driving lessons if not urgently required. As he has a current job at the moment, so he has 1 month notice period.

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