Ana Laura Iglesias

Musician and Artist in Londres, Reino Unido

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As many good things in life, my relationship with the cello and with music started casually, almost as a child game, and probably because of that fact, music became part of me, and later the cello became into my profession. I am convinced that I could not be the person I am today without the musical education I have had, so I am convinced that culture is one of the most important elements of the personal development, as well as the most universal language ever. Thus, I would like to contribute spreading culture as far as I am able to do it, and I could not imagine a better way of doing it than through music and trough the voice of my cello.

Following this objective, I have had the opportunity of playing in many different contexts, such as opera, choral music, orchestra, contemporary ensembles, theatre, studio recordings, different international music festivals, etc. All this experience together with a strong cellist formation in Madrid (Royal High Conservatory, RCSMM, student of Mr Iagoba Fanlo, 2008-2012) and London (Royal Academy of Music, student of Mr David Strange, 2012-2014) and also a diverse orchestral experience (GMJO Reserve list 2013, Madrid Youth Orchestra, principal cello 2009-2012, NJO member season 2011) is what I consider as the base of my career aspirations. Moreover, my stance in the Royal Academy of Music, supported by the María Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation Scholarship, will be the best way of completing my training as a professional cellist and musician, which is the last step towards my professional goals and also the way of keep going into my personal development.