Ali Hadi Dubai.UAE

Marketing Manager and Digital Media in Dubai

Lateral thinking, seasoned marketing professional with strong back ground in sales marketing, brand management, new product development, trade marketing and brand activation 9+ years experience in various operations with national and multinational companies in #UAE & #Pakistan. I am social activist and social media evangelist to help people to understand the new tool of communication and collaborate with business world through networking. #Socialmedia has revolutionized the way we connect with people. Never before have we had such immediate and complete access to each other, and such simple forms of communicating things on a daily basis. Gone are the days of long phone chains and mass snail-mail mailings to organize meetings, parties, and other social events. Organizing people is as simple as a status update, tweet, or some other social media communication tool.

Be aware of this change in the winds of social media. Leave yourself a back-door to change gears. In other words, consider how you can catalog and preserve the knowledge and wisdom that you have accumulated from your hard work and years of experience.

The best way I know to do this, while still continuing to build your visibility, reputation, and referrals through social media marketing, is to maintain a blog through a URL that you own – and one that has an identity that is clearly identifiable with you and your business.

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    • AVISS Digital Media Dubai
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    • MBA "Marketing"
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