Ali Jassim ✈

E-Business, E-Commerce, and E-Marketing in Bahrain

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Known to some as Mr A, to others as AJ - Live and Work in Bahrain as an E-Business Manager - Born and raised in the Island of Smiles till my early teens, then lived, educated and worked in the UK till my mid 20's - back to the Bahrain and loving it! Raised from a business influenced background interest has always been present in the management of resources to achieve a predefined goal, however, a passion of technology, Travel and marketing developed over years of studies. Love to travel, read, listen to music, hang out with friends and discover things! Always wanting to learn something! Lots to do and even more to say! Passionately Curious, love all sports, connoisseur of rhetoric and I really like to laugh :o)

  • Work
    • E-Business and Ancillary
  • Education
    • BA (Hons), MSc, CIM, CAM
    • Nottingham Business School